четверг, 10 сентября 2015 г.

How China solve problems with Hi-tech companies to keep the global economy growth

Asian speaker lead World Economic Forum section.

Future Proofing the Internet Economy Section at the World Economic Forum spot lines:
  • Public markets panic affect venture funding.
  • In a period of “uncertainty” about the future venture capital rounds take longer – particularly later-stage deals. Mostly because investors want to wait to see if a “new reality” has set in.
  • With global e-commerce continuing to grow at eye-watering levels, the increase in reports of security breaches and data leaks are a concern for policy-makers around the world.

So what steps are needed to keep the global economy on a firm footing and allow for future growth?

Alibaba Group Executive Chairman Jack Ma discussed these issues in the session “Future Proofing the Internet Economy” at the World Economic Forum
“We should have an e-WTO for the internet age”

“We should govern the internet like a zoo”

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