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Apple event analytic review and comparison

Apple deliberately take advantage of consumers’ poor knowledge of other tech products (you can’t blame them, the market is overwhelming and moves at a ridiculous pace) to convince them that iPhones are at the cutting edge of innovation. It works.
But None of this is new. 
Apple is just better at selling it than any of the other manufacturers.

Nothing new.

First, offering a 16GB model. That’s not terribly fair given that there’s no microSD slot. Apple should really take notes from Samsung and start at 32GB.

Next, The iPhone 6S can record in 4K, recording video-photos. This definitely has been around on Android phones since early 2014. For context, the Sony Xperia Z2 could record in 4K

Big, but not biggest.

Once we’d covered the big-ass tablet, we were onto the Apple Pencil. What!!? Pencil?
 Ok. But we have other problems:
1. Apple didn’t mention any free content on the iPad Pro
2. Force Touch, or 3D Touch as Apple seem to have re-branded it since the Macbook announcement

 What is to compare.
Xiaomi showed Mi4i. The Chinese manufacturer launched Xiaomi Mi4i at a large event in Delhi, India. Company created Xiaomi Mi4i keeping in mind the needs of Indian market. This mobile device has a 13 MP camera with a few new features that has come with Xiaomi Mi4i, like the Beautification Application. This app improves your pics and makes them look more alive.

Now Xiaomi is preparing to sell Mi 5 and Mi5 Plus.  These models have similar design to iPhone 6S!

Moreover! The leading generation smartphone MI5 is a real game console! 
Xiaomi Mi 5 can save your money if you decided to purchase a dedicated gaming console. With the deadly combination of the 4k HD video streaming and Generation Next IR Blaster, this Xiaomi device can at one time connect to your Ultra HD big screens wirelessly through HDMI and with the dedicated remote control to give you the experience of playing a real game on a console. With the Adreno 430 GPU the visual experience will be terrific. For high performance the Xiaomi Mi 5 will be equipped with the highest possible processor configuration i.e. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. The latest processor does have the capacity to bring all your games into a small the Xiaomi Mi5 and Xiaomi Mi5 Plus. 
Other features
With Snapdragon 820 2.7GHz quad-core processor, Xiaomi Mi 5 have a 2k Ultra HD Screen. 5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch display, and the Xiaomi Mi5 Plus with a screen size of 5.6 inches, 
Xiaomi Mi5 would include a fingerprint sensor. 
The Xiaomi Mi5 is also said to pack a 3000 mAh battery, a 16 mega pixel OIS (optical image stabilization) rear camera, and a 4GB RAM! 
 Don’t be afraid to take your Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi 5 Plus out for a pool party or to the beach this time. Due to an IP rating of 67, Xiaomi is trying hard to make this phone to be one of the best Water Resistant phones in the market. Reports show that Xiaomi is working really hard this phone a feature which lacked in their previous devices. With phones like Sony Xperia Z series in the market, users are getting more used to the ease of water resistant devices. Water resistant mobile phone is a necessity now as we use phone all time everywhere, it’s obviously not a bad idea to make the user feel as safe as possible about their device even while water is around. Another new technology that is expected next year is a phone binding technology this will make a phone so sturdy that it will never be broken on 5-6 m falls. But that surely is not happening anytime soon for Xiaomi Mi4s, Xiaomi Mi5 or the Xiaomi Mi5 Plus. 
Where to buy Mi 5 at the lowest price? 
Only one store in Europe will offer Mi 5 at the lowest price with free shipping in EU online Xiaomi discounter

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